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Not a single person in this world can imagine their life without the Internet today. It has become an essential part of our lives, and regardless of your career and interests, we are certain that you use it. Even if you aren’t on social media, you still use some of the messaging apps, right? No one can deny that the Internet has greatly improved our lives. However, at the same time, it introduced new risks and challenges. This is especially true for parents with young kids and teenagers. It isn’t possible to stop them from joining the virtual world, but you can always supervise their online presence, and this is when SpyFone comes in handy.

How to install the app?

The first thing you have to know is that the app needs to be installed on the phone you want to track. Some apps can function via a cloud, but when it comes to this one, you need to have access to the smartphone and download the software on it. It means that this is not just another hidden spying app, but that instead, it will be visible on the smartphone. So, you have to inform your kids that you will monitor their online activity, location, and phone calls.

When it comes to installing it, the entire process is fairly simple. Firstly, you have to download the app from the store, agree to the terms and conditions, and create an account. That’s it. The entire process will be completed in under a minute, and you can start monitoring almost immediately.

What are the features?

There are many spying apps online, so why should you choose this one? Well, since this is one of the most popular software currently available, it must have some great features, right? Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to meet parents’ requirements. Well, this is correct, and now, we will introduce you to some of these features and tell you how you can benefit from them.

View Contacts

Surely, you have warned your child about the dangers of the Internet. You have told them that they should not trust people online, that they shouldn’t communicate with them, and most importantly, that they should never share private info such as their phone number with strangers online. Nevertheless, children are gullible, so there is a real chance they will give out their phone number, maybe even to someone they have just met.

Well, this app enables you to have a clear view of their contact list. Upon installing the app, the entire contact list will be copied to the control panel, so you will be able to go over every single one of them, see the phone number, and also learn the date the contact was added to the list.

Reverse Phone

If your kid has a suspicious contact in their phone, it doesn’t necessarily have to be alarming if they don’t interact with the person and never correspond and talk. However, if your child starts getting inappropriate messages or strange calls, this app enables you to learn who is on another end of the line. Even though this feature is not available for all U.S. numbers, it can still prove to be useful in certain situations. All you have to do is input the phone number that has been harassing your kid, and you will receive the info about the person behind it. You will learn the person’s name and address and the data about the number itself – who the carrier is and whether it is a mobile or a landline.

GPS tracking

The location on the smartphone must be activated for this feature to work. Just like any other tracking app, this feature enables you to know where your kid is at any moment. We know how easy it for parents to worry about their young’s whereabouts. Maybe they are late from school due to the traffic, or they told you they would spend the night at a friend’s house but forgot to text you and inform you that they’d arrived. In situations like this, your mind probably goes to the worst-case scenario. Well, this software sends the data about the GSP location to your control panel every 30 minutes. It means that you won’t have to call them and check up on them, but simply explore the data and learn the current location.

GPS fencing (Coming Soon)

This is a completely new feature that is about to be launched. Basically, you can determine the parameter of the area where your child usually spends time throughout the day. Then, when they cross this line and leave the “safe area,” you will receive a notification immediately. Obviously, this feature will make sure that they are safe and that they go to places you want them to go, but at the same time, it can be quite useful as a parenting tool. Your kid won’t be able to lie to you about where they were after school or whether or not they went straight home.

App monitoring

Nowadays, there is an abundance of apps kids use. Most of these are harmless and are designed to entertain. Still, there are some that can have a negative influence. Well, if you notice any of these, you can simply block them from the device.

Wrapping up

All in all, these are some unique features that will be at your disposal if you opt for this software. Naturally, there are many more, such as monitoring of calls and text messages. Many parents would argue that this is the right app since it provides them with numerous features that enable them to keep an eye on their children at all times. Research it further, understand how each of the features works and how you can benefit from them, and consider whether it meets all your requirements.

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