SpyFone Contacts


You can see Contacts from the phone. You will be able to see who your children are conversing with.

Monitor GPS


You will be able to see GPS Location data from the phone. It will send out the data every 30 minutes. You can view information in your Control Panel.

Reverse Phone Lookup


With the Reverse Phone Lookup you can view who owns the phone numbers.

Spy Phone App Panic Button


We have included a Panic Button which can be used. We also have included a Lost Phone Feature.

Spy Phone App that connects you with your family.

Spy Phone App tracks the GPS, Contacts and Apps that are installed on the phone. This free version allows you to install the spy phone app on up to a total of 5 smart phones. You can log in and view the data 24/7 from you private control panel for free. We will be soon adding Geo Fencing to the app which will let you set up geographic areas on a map. If the phone leaves that area you will know and be able to contact your family to see why.

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Spy Phone App

Spy Phone App is Free. Easy to Use.

This Official Version is not a hidden application. You shall let anyone know who uses a phone in which this app is installed on that the app is on the phone. You must let them know that their location, internet and other activity from the phone is recorded and stored. You can only install app on phone you own or you have obtained permission form the owner of the phone to install the app.

Spy Phone App Easy to Use 24/7 Phone Tracker Access
Easy to Use Very Intuitive easy to Download Easily Download

Use Spy Phone App to watch over your Family

SpyFone App Top Reason to Choose SpyFone
Compatibility with Android Phones
Compatibility with iOS Phones
Tracks GPS, Contacts and Apps that have been installed on the phone Panic Button and Lost Phone Feature
Spy Fone
Phone Tracker

Why You should use Spy Phone App

Spy Phone App can be used in many ways to help you watch over your children and family. You can access your control panel at phonetracker.com 24/7 to view your information about your loved ones. With all the hazards in our new Internet Centric world you can use our app to help you better keep tabs on your family and loved ones. With Geo Fencing (Coming Soon) you set parameters on where your children should be and if they cross out of that area you will be notified.

Spy Phone App Geo Fencing


With Geo Fencing (Coming Soon) you can set boundaries for where your family can go. If they leave that area you are sent an alert.

Personal Control Panel


You can access your Personal Control Panel 24/7 to view your data.

iOS/Android Compatibility


The App works with both Android and IOS phones and is FREE to use.

Corporate Version Available


The Pro Version of the service can support up to 100 users.

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I am incredibly happy with your app. I like the idea of having all my family’s phones on one account. I can see where they are doing the day. That way I know they are no straying into areas they should not be going. I also like the idea that it is a free app which is extremely helpful in today’s trying times. We need to know who kids are are dealing with as that is where a lot of kids get their bad intentions from. From Contacts I know who their friends really are as my children stay on the phone all day and it is their lifeline to the world.


I wanted to thank you for providing this app to families like ours for free. This app comes in extremely helpful in keeping track of my two children. They will be soon be going to High School and where about them every day. I can keep track of what they are installing on their phones and who their friends are which is something all families need. It is interesting to track the child as they go through their day as you do see things you would never think about that kids do. Things are a lot of different form when I was growing up.


Cyber Bullying is a big problem in our area. We have read about kids who have been affected by it. We do not want to see our kids harmed today and in the future by this malicious act. That is why we put Spy Phone App on our phone so we can keep tracking what our kids are doing. We need to know where they go all day and who they are hanging out with. The things they do today could come back to harm them well into their futures. We want to make sure our children are protected as best we can. Thanks a lot.

Are you worried about your child’s or teen’s smartphone activities? Are you afraid that your child might access wrong material, exchange suspicious calls and texts or become a victim of harassment or bullying when using his/her Smartphone? If you answered yes to all these questions, you should definitely try Spy Phone App-the ultimate child protection software ideal for monitoring important activities of your child’s Smartphone.

It is a fact- The latest Generation of (iOS and Android) mobile phones have become an essential part of our children’s and teens’ lives. The average child over 5 uses a Smartphone to communicate with family and friends, play games, access the internet for educational or entertainment purposes, and a host of other useful activities that do not put your child at risk; However, in some cases mobile phones can be harmful not only for your child’s health, but other issues as well - many kids either misuse their smartphones and access wrong material without their parents’ approval or put themselves at risk without being aware of the potential dangers. Over the last 10 years, there are many reported accounts of children who fall victims of Cyberbullying by their peers or chat unknowingly with pedophiles and other dangerous individuals who are seeking to take advantage of your children’s innocent nature to satisfy their sick and abnormal needs.

App is available for free on Google Play & App Store

Spyfone and Spy Phone App and Service may only be used for legitimate and lawful purposes by authorized users. You can only install Spy Phone App on phones you own or you have been given permission by the owner of the phone. You understand that you must let anyone know that Spyfone and Spy Phone App and Service may only be used for legitimate and lawful purposes by authorized users. You can only install Spy Phone App on phones you own or you have been given permission by the owner of the phone. You understand that you must let anyone know that SpyPhone App is installed on any phone they are using. You must also inform all users of that phone what Spy Phone App tracks and how it works. You also are also notified that installing or using the Spy Phone App for any other purpose may violate local, state, and or federal law. SpyFone was created to monitor your children, employees, or other consenting adults on a Android or iOS you own or have permission to use and to install the app on. Spy Phone ® is a registered trademark of Spy Phone Labs LLC. SpyFone and Spyphone are pending Trademarks. All Other trademarks shown or mentioned are used solely for the purpose of describing Smartphone manufacturers, Smartphone services, OS developers and carriers.