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SpyFone Mobile Tracker - Android Version has been downloaded and used by Millions of Users Worldwide.

SpyFone has a multitude of Features to Help you keeps tabs on your family's mobile phones.

Smartphones play a large role in your family's daily routines. Our Children love to talk to their friends on thier phones. They like to text and send pictures to their people who are their social networks. They like to recieve and to send out videos through peole they know. They also like to listen to or get tweets from people they follow on Twitter and Facebook. This is where a handy tool like a mobile tracker comes in really handy.

SpyFone has been downloaded and used by Millions of Users Worldwide.

You can see the Contacts that are on your Child's phone when you install the app on thier phone. With this information you can see who your children are interacting with. If they have them as a contact they must think that person is someone they will contact on a frequent basis.

With our GPS Monitoring feature you can see where your family members are 24/7. The results are shown on a map where you can see where your children are and where they have been.

With our Reverse Phone Lookup you can cross reference a phone number. If the information is available you can see the name of the person who owns the phone number, the address of the owner of the phone number, whether the line is a Land Line or a Mobile Line. You can also see who the carrier is if the information is available.

We have also included a Panic Button and a Lost my Phone feature. This way someone can hit a button on the phones screen to make a noise on their phone and send out a GPS location to your Control Panel. With the lost phone feature it can help you find your phone if it is lost.

Geo Fencing (Coming Soon) will allow you to set up safe zones. By using safe zones you can set up areas where you believe your child should stay in. If they leave this area you will get a notification so you have a heads up that they have left the area and you can either contact them or see on map where they are going.

Teenagers are prone to be very impressionable and can be duped by people who they believe are their friends. You need a free mobile tracker to try to keep them safe in these challenging times. This is a how a mobile tracker app can help.

You will be able to keep tabs where your children are traveling with GPS monitoring. You can see what types of people your children are conversing with based on their contact lists. A mobile tracker app will let you know early on whether your child is hanging out with the wrong people or making wrong choices in life based on their phone usage.

App is available for free on Google Play & App Store